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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 30, 2014 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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a carjacker thinks he's picked an easy target. >> she puts up a fight. >> why this crime drama comes with a surprise ending. >> she was not giving up. >> a dog falls into a vat of tar. >> tar had dried rock solid when they found this dog. >> how volunteers found the secret to a miracle makeover. >> they cleaned him up. >> a bride makes her grand entrance. >> here she is walking down the stairs. >> she wasn't expecting what was at the bottom. >> the buzz word for your chance
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at a new ipad mini. >> bet those arms could put together guy ikea furniture. >> i'm just going to go over there and get comfortable. >> i just threw up in my mouth. >> a pair of security camera videos both from the uk. this woman pulling up to work. she gets out of her car. she is at work. she is the boss and about to go unlock the gate to the parking lot of work. walks off to unlock the gate. the door is open. keys are in the car and that leaves the perfect opportunity for a thief to run up, jump in the car in attempt to take her car. see deborah trip and fall, but she puts up a fight, opens the door, grabs on to the steering wheel as this would-be thief tries to back the car up,
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dragging deborah. 52 years old as she struggled to retain her car. why is she putting up such a fight? her passport and 700 euros are in that car. she is about to go on vacation at the end of her work day. >> she won! >> he figures there must be an easier battle somewhere else. she went off on her vacation later that day. >> this video has been getting tremendous online support. >> a bunch of partiers out in the street beating the heck out of a each other for no apparent reason. somebody tries to break up the
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fid. they use the car. watch this car go driving into the crowd of people. there is a roundabout with the guy still on the hood of the guy. some guy steps up to the guy still on the hood, boxes him in the face. so far, no serious injuries. reports say a 26-year-old man has been arrested on suspicious of dangerous driving related to this incident. >> i'm inspired by the humanity of people. this is from india about a dog that had been found and fallen into a pool of tar. the tar was rock solid. he could barely move. he was only breathe. it was found by animal aid unlimited in india.
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a group got together. it took about three hours, but they rubbed vegetable oil slowly all over the dog. >> is it working? >> it is. you can see it started to liquefy on their hands. >> after two days of hard work, this is what he looked like once they were done. >> he looks fantastic and happy look at his little tail. >> this is about a little dog stuck in a drain over a week in southwest china. eventually what this he did is got a mason box. if you came along with a chisel and hammer, hacked away at the road. >> he tries to dig his way out.
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>> the puppy comes out. no worse for the wear but a little dirty. he wags his tail. >> this shows one of the most dangerous situation a firefighter can be in. >> this is known as a flashover. that happens when all surfaces break into a space. >> nobody was injured. >> they know that this is about to happen. it's fascinating to see that in such a perfect piece of video.
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>> these videos released by the tucson fire department, this is a different angle on their facebook page. apparently the flames inside the building were reported at 700 degrees. >> this is great training footage. there's almost a perfect video of what a flashover can do. >> we have another ipad mini winner. congratulations. if you still haven't won an ipad mini, your next chance to win is coming up in a bit. >> if you want to be like pam, you need tuesday's buzz word, be 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> buzz word coming up in a little while. >> this is a wedding and the bride is about to get a huge
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surprise. no, they haven't switched out the groom. this is a good surprise. she does look beautiful. there is somebody there at the bottom that is going to meet her. >> is that drew? >> drew is her brother serving as a u.s. marine. he is supposed to be in japan, but he surprised her but flew home to iowa for the wedding. >> this is so beautiful. he's in his uniform and helping walking her down the aisle. >> it made the wedding more special. >> looks like she has two people who are going to give her away. >> dad and brother. this is perfect.
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>> those are crazy train cars and they are drivers. >> race meets demolition derby. erspective in motherhood. >> are you going to make yourself pretty today or look like you always do? >> ways in which my 4-year-old insulted me. they keep coming. a morning in a mom's head next. ! [popping & fizzing sounds] susupppporort t bobothth m mens and phphysysicicalal e enenergrgy . prprououd d spspononsosor r ofo.
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you might remember popular youtuber alli spagnola, the creator of alli's power hour. her first video went viral in 2012. she made one-minute songs she performed in concert with the goal of getting people drunk. >> i want to get you drunk. >> you are going to love her
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latest invention. >> i made an app that will make you more attractive. the ultimate power drinking game. >> you make instant games to the music you love. >> she takes it a step further. if you are having a party and you want your friends to know i've got the coolest party in town. >> it automatically takes photos as your party goes to epic. connect with me and other power hour players realtime. >> parties will never be the same again. >> i want to party with her. i guess that's the only way i'll get to. >> you never know. remember ali last year we had her on the show painted as nice painting because we reached out to her.
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she is taking her ali's power hour and making it into a business. the app launches today. people can download this puppy. >> drink. >> ever since man invented the wheel this has been racing. thankfully, man keeps coming up with different ways to race. first this race track looks like it's full of a field of individual race cars. you realize those are crazy train race cars. you've got one car at the front that has an engine. the other two are chains together. no engine. off to the races they go. it's like a demolition derby. >> do we see stuff floating away. >> absolutely. watch right about here.
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double rollover. you notice there are drivers in each of the three cars. that makes it challenging. the guy at the back of the tree has to try and drive. the cars in front are whipping him around the corner. that's the whole challenge. >> all i'm thinking while watching this is why? >> why not? >> exactly. >> if he wins, does he also come in second and third? >> this video is going to make you want to pick up the phone, call your mama and tell her how beautiful she is. mom is having licks her face. her child starts talking. >> hey, ma, are you going to
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make yourself pretty today or are you going to look like you always do? >> she calls this ways in which my 4-year-old has insulted me. the insults keep coming. >> you have a lot of hair once your face. is that a moustache or beard? >> we were playing in your underpants at the same time. >> clara. >> your tummy looks like a bagel. >> the reason mommy's tummy looks like a bagel she carried you nine months. >> even if it's not real, mom heard something like that at one time. >> they don't realize what they are saying. >> why do you wave your arms really fast? sometimes it sounds like you're clapping. >> i feel bad for her. i don't feel bad for my ovaries any more. she is on the throne. moms don't have privacy. >> sometimes your mad face makes
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me laugh. jonah, you are beautiful and funny for posting this. >> when we come home, i'll tell you all the things you did wrong today. >> there is no better way to get a bird's eye view. where this golden eagle takes us next. don't miss tuesday's buzz word.
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>> what better way to get a bird's eye view? we are in the mountains of mongolia. handlers have a golden eagle. the gold pro is getting a great view of this bird of prey. check it out. checks out his scenery, then off he goes. now he's just soaring. that's ridiculous. >> it almost looks fake. it almost looks like a bird head with a camera attached to it over a green screen.
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>> do we get to see this beauty catch anything? >> not exactly. it catches up with another handler. the eagle clearly knows where it's going. >> right up on to the arms. >> i can't be sure, but i think you might be british. >> english. >> i've got this video especially for you. what if we all insulted each other using shakespearean insults. this sounds like you. >> do you bite your thumb at me, sir? >> no. i do not bite my thumb at you, sir. >> this is from the anglo video
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on youtube. >> the remainder is dry like a biscuit after a voyage. >> i did not read enough shakespeare at school. >> you breed mice, much like a cheese. >> that really hurt my feelings. >> dry meat. >> stock fish. >> fishmonger. >> filthy bung factor. >> i wonder what you must all be talking, nobody marks you. >> would you like a hair cut? >> sometimes your pets act like kids. >> would you like a hair cut? >> take this one for example.
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>> so well behaved. some kids take it like a champ when they are going to get a little off the top. she puts the cape around this little creature. now it's ready for a little off the top. >> hold still. >> when the dog is done, the dog sits there. >> you're dismissed. hold on. it's over. we're done. >> that is the dog saying, i want some behind the ears. >> then there's the cat this cat reminds me of kids saying, mom, mom, mom. this is the cat equivalent. the person that posts this says whenever they use the bathroom, the cat does this at the door. >> let me in. >> all right, everybody. it's ipad mini give away time.
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>> you need the buzz word, 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> click on the win ipad button. >> enter the buzz word on facebook or twitter and both every day. >> tuesday's buzz word is school. >> let over to, click object the win an ipad mini button and enter school. >> why men and women may never see eye to eye on this one. sted.
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>> instead of a slinky in their stocking, give them this. ladies know too well what it feels like to be cat-called. what would it be like for guys
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if they were cat-called, as well? this mixes things up just a little bit for the boys. >> oh, hey, you look like you love commitment. hey, what you got under that shirt, sweetie? bet it's a good heart. >> they didn't objectify him. >> your ass would look so good on my couch. you watch tv? >> you hear me? yeah, cause you are a good listener. >> all the things women really valued in a guy being yelled out a window is comic. >> you look so emotionally stable. >> those arms look like they could carry babies.
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>> you look like a real mess. let me fix you. >> i bet would you treat me with respect. >> that is an interesting way to get attention. see if it backfires. >> i'm just going to go over there. >> that's our show, everybody. thanks for joining us. see you for the next edition of "right this minute."
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live from new york city, it's the wendy williams show. today, amanda bynes arrested for dui again. what the latest arrest means, wendy has the details. from the black-ish, the hilarious anthony anderson and tracee ellis here. now here's wendy.


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